Day 1

Rahma Utami

Accessibility Consultant - Suarise

Rahma has been in digital marketing industry since 2010. Starting as an art director, she has been focusing in digital & creative strategy for the last 6 years, which includes content marketing & seo performance. She believes business performance can get along with social impact. In 2019 to 2020, she got a chance to work as an accessibility consultant in UK. 

Returning to Indonesia, she integrate the knowledge about digital accessibility to the social enterprise she built in 2017: Suarise. As the founder and accessibility consultant in Suarise, she teaches and promotes that people with sight-loss (the blind) can work as a decent digital content writer; and advocates digital accessibility to companies and organisations who have digital assets. 

Making the website and apps with accessibility in mind not only boost its technical performance and the business to some extent, but also a proven commitment to make the digital platform more inclusive and empowering for people with disability. 

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