Day 2

Deasy Natalia

General Manager & Co Founder - BLUWave.ID

Only graduated as a High School student, I was desperate to find jobs. I landed my first real job in an online gaming industry, which exposed me in the digital technology world. Soon, I was involved in developing & marketing technology sites & one of the first news aggregator mobile apps in 2011. 

Not long after that, I joined a multi-national digital agency in Jakarta and now I am the General Manager of BLUWave.ID, a local digital agency specialised in SEO & search-focused content founded with my partners in 2017.

In an ever changing work/ professional environment, I understand the need of being a T-shaped skilled person is important; although being specialised in one area is important, being able to understand a different set of skills will help to improve productivity & growth. 

Being an avid learner, I enrolled myself to study psychology in college – it’s never too late! Which I believe will improve my understandings of people and businesses.

Today, I help organisations in their SEO & digital marketing efforts to support business objectives.

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