Search Engine Optimization Conference is one of the largest events on digital marketing in Indonesia initiated by Ryan Kristo Muljono an SEO Practitioner. SEOCon Jakarta 2021 aims to create a healthy and empowering community in the field of SEO to raise business capabilities through proven SEO Strategy within the support of the SEO community. Search Engine Optimization Conference 2021 is a conference to gain knowledge entirely regarding SEO, starting from SEO for Business, SEO technique to Off-page SEO involving the SEO Professionals and Experts, Entrepreneur, PR, Tech Team, Influencer, Outreach Manager, SEO Company, Agency, and freelancer.

SEO Conference will be held online from 17th to 19th of March 2021 with the topics of “Search in the New World” through many platforms at the same time with different classes and types. All participants will collide to learn, share, connect and build relations. 

Yes, SEOConJakarta 2021 are fortunate with a virtual Conference from 17th to 19th of March 2021 with up to 15,000 participants will collide together to learn about Search Engine Optimization with the most outstanding system, we are able to conduct online through many platforms. 

SEOCon Jakarta 2021 will have 3 classes session at the same time, the class will be distinguished into 4 categories: 

Technical SEO, On-Page, Off-page, and SEO for Business.

Yes, you are able to switch between any available class according to your likings.

The SEOCon Jakarta 2021 login date will be presented live on the Website closer to the event, prepare yourself for the most outstanding Search Engine Optimization Event in accordance with your agenda and interest within each day.

SEOCon Jakarta 2021 will go beyond the limitation of different time zones. SEOCon will be presented to all attendees, and ticket owners from 10 am to 5 pm Jakarta Time (UTC+7) on 17th – 19th of March 2021. All participants whose ticket Regular and Gold can access up to 12 months to view our amazing speaker’s recordings anywhere, anytime around the world which will be located on our website.

The SEOCon Jakarta 2021 platform will permit solely one user per ticket, share login credentials are not permitted in our system.

Our team is consistently doing our best on updating the SEOCon Jakarta 2021 website to present further details regarding the information of the event. Make sure to keep yourself up to date and stay tuned!

SEOCon Jakarta 2021 content, presentations within all the recordings to solely view the presentations and discussion will be accessible through our website for all attendees who own gold and regular tickets for the span of 12 months. All the recordings are not available on Youtube nor Replays and not to be downloaded.


Tickets are can be purchased directly with the amount and the payment options through our website here, Our tickets are also available through, or (insert another platform)

Yes, you can upgrade your Free Ticket to Regular Ticket, or from Regular Ticket can be upgraded to Gold Ticket through our website here

There are 3 types of tickets;

Free – free attendees are subject to solely online access on Day 1 and Day 2

Regular – Regular ticket is subject to the online access on DAY 1 and DAY 2 with accessible recording on DAY 1 and DAY 2, plus the access to join the SEOCon Jakarta 2021 Private Facebook Group 

Gold – Gold Ticket is subject to Online Access Day 1, Day 2, and 4 hours of Workshop on Day 3, including the accessible recordings to the Presentation of the speakers of interest on DAY 1 up to DAY 3. Include free Dewaweb Hosting with a valuation of up to 2 million Rupiah for the first 150 people, Free EDAVOS, CISCOWEBEX accounts for 1 month for the first 1000 people, Free Connext Co-working Space by Marquee, Jakarta Indonesia Voucher for the first 100 people. 

The tickets that are purchased by all the participants are not subject to transfer. The order numbers and the name registered in the system will be showcased through the registered emails and cannot be changed and will only be subject to the ticket owner.

Tickets that are purchased online through our website or other platform are not subject to refund, or non-refundable.


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